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Unity Lutheran Church exists by God's grace and has been proclaiming the Gospel of Christ on Cleveland's near west side since 1914. It is our purpose to preach repentance and the forgiveness of sins to all who will hear, using the God-given means outlined in Holy Scripture. Specifically we preach and teach God's Word, both Law and Gospel, and administer the Sacraments of Holy Baptism, Holy Absolution and Holy Communion. Unity Lutheran Church conducts its ministry in accordance with the true doctrine and reverent practice taught in the Lutheran Confessions.

4542 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio  44109
Unity on the web at

Sunday School: 11:00am
Sunday Morning Worship: 9:30am
Sunday Evening Worship: 7:00pm

Peeter Pirn, Pastor in Residence

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Please visit the Lutheran Cemetery Association

Lutheran Cemetery was established 1894 in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland Ohio. As you pass through the wrought iron gates, the winding driveways take you out of the city and into the tranquil setting of the 124 year old park. The large old trees cast long cool shadows on beautifully sculpted memorials throughout the thirty plus acres. His peace and grace reign here.

The access roads are very old and are in much needed repairs. Your contributions are badly needed to the benefit of all who visit their loved ones. Please visit the association's go fund me efforts Your generious gifts will provide better access for all who frequent the grounds.

The current status of our regular website is  DOWN  for maintence.